What We Believe

We're a Christian church – theologically conservative, evangelically motivated, and spiritually sensitive to God's leadership in our lives.

What We Practice

The Pointe holds baptism services on the second Sunday of each month. Additionally, we have communion together once a month during our morning worship services.


What We Value

Our values come from what we've experienced together as a group of believers. We're real people who enjoy making Christianity relevant. We're highly relational people, valuing grace and redemption over judgement and legalism. We're a reliant group, connecting with Christ and with other Christian churches.


Embracing People of all Backgrounds

For centuries, Christians have separated themselves from one another with various labels. Today, many of those groups are discovering that they have a great deal in common with each other – a God who loves them, a Christ who died for them, and the inescapable fact that in heaven, we'll all be together forever!  We've decided that it's time to get a head start – and be together here on earth.

What's a Church?

Church ... is it a building? A place? A family tradition? Those definitions certainly define what we've labeled "church." But they are not the definition that the Bible uses. The Bible says that the church is a group of people called out of their walk of life to glorify God together.  And, that's what we are:  a growing group of people.


How to Connect with Jesus

The Bible says that if we sincerely ask the Lord for forgiveness, believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again to live today, and give Him control of our lives, that we will experience a personal relationship with Christ.


How We Started

In November of 2004, lead pastor Ray Harris sensed God calling him to start a church in Fort Wayne. And, as God called Ray, he began calling other leaders – from California to Virginia and right here in Fort Wayne – all with a common purpose and goal -- to start a church that would help people find and follow Jesus.



We're a church that believes in prayer. Before our services each Sunday, our leadership teams gather in prayer. During our services, we invite those who need prayer in their lives to share those requests through a communication card. And, after our services, our leadership team lifts up those requests to God.


Next Step

"Next Step" has become a "catch-phrase" at The Pointe. It's all about growing...spiritually. As a community of believers, we are committed to help each other grow. If you're ready for a customized game plan for your next step or just some figuring out what it's all about, give one of our pastors a call at 432-0000.