We believe that believers are commanded to be baptized in water by immersion as a visual picture of what Christ has done in their life. We believe that water baptism, which is not required for salvation but rather demonstrates the believer’s obedience, honors the Father who sent His Son, Christ who died for us, and the Holy Spirit that convicted, sealed, and guarantees our eternal promise. 


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We believe that communion, commonly called the Lord’s Supper, is a physical reminder that Jesus died for our sins and will return again. We believe communion should only be taken by those who have trusted in Christ and are living in obedience to Him. We practice open communion -- this means we invite all believers to participate in communion with us and not just those who are a part of our church.



We believe that prayer is essential to the growth of every believer. We believe that God hears and answers prayer today and to glorify himself, performs miracles and heals.