Kathy Carpenter


Kathy is a lifetime Fort Wayne'r. With a German mom and a Kentucky dad, Kathy proudly calls herself a German Hillbilly.


With a wide array of family, friends, and adorable cats (CJ and Opie), Kathy is always surrounded by love. (Her beautiful tiger cat JR is in heaven chasing squirrels.)


At one time she thought she had enough family and friends but since starting at the Pointe her family has grown and grown as she now has many members of the church that she not only considers friends but family as well.


Kathy says her three favorite TV shows are weird ( Matlock , Monk and Reba).

We agree.  Definitely weird.

Her favorite singer is "Andy Griffith" Yes...you read that correctly "Andy Griffith" 


Kathy came to faith in Christ at The Pointe and is the person to know if you need things done. 

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