Mitch Moser

Senior Associate Pastor

Mitch has served in ministry since 1988.  He has started a church and worked in the areas of outreach, small groups, assimilation, discipleship and … well, he’s pretty versatile.  That’s why we call him the associate pastor instead of giving him a particular title.


Mitch & his wife Kim both grew up on farms in northern Indiana.  They have been married since 1981 and are proud of their three children, Ben, Hannah and Silas and have a great son-in-law Jared and Daughter-in-law Grace.  They've also become grandparents and are enjoying all that brings.  


Marriage and family are very important to them. They enjoy mentoring younger married couples as well as individuals.  They actually had the same last name before they got married (no they were not related).


Mitch’s hobbies seem to include things with motors; airplane & powered parachute pilot, motorcycles and ATVs.  He also has a woodworking shop and enjoys home projects and creating things for Kim with wood.  He and Kim both enjoy reading and romantic movies.

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