Ray R. Harris

Lead Pastor

Ray moved to Indiana from Granite Bay, California. A veteran of 32 years of ministry, Ray has served as an executive pastor, teaching pastor, and pastor to students. In 2005, he founded The Pointe Church.


Ray and his wife, Lisa, have been married 24 years and have six sons: Scott (age 23), Brad (age 20), Matt (age 18), Ethan (age 14), Trevor (age 14), and Spencer (age 12). 


In the winter months, the Harris' enjoy snowboarding in the "mountains of Michigan" - a sport Ray's enjoyed since the neon-colored turtleneck sweater days of the 1980's. He also enjoys fantasy football, real life racquetball as well as volleyball (although reportedly, not at the same time). "Lately, my 14 year olds have been schooling me in basketball in our driveway."


A gifted communicator, Bible teacher, and leader, Ray enjoys helping people see how the ancient truths of the Scriptures relate to our everyday lives.


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