Scott Richardson

KidsPointe Worship Director 

I was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, where I grew up in church. I became a follower of Christ when I was 15 and participated in my youth group.

After graduating high school I went into the United States Marine Corps. After serving four years in the Marines, I went to college at Vincennes University for law enforcement. I was then hired by West Virginia State Police. 


While in West Virginia, I married the woman of my dreams, Terri Richardson, and had a little girl named Heather. We left West Virginia and moved to Fort Wayne after I got a job as a special agent with Norfolk Southern Railroad Police. 


While in Fort Wayne, we had our second child, a son, Garrett.


While working for Norfolk Southern, I had major back surgery and had to find a new career.  I began feeling the call of God on my life to do ministry. I surrendered to His will and began a new career in Children’s Ministry, receiving my youth ministry degree. I also got my Elementary Education Certificate. For the past nine years God has made my mission field the public schools as a teacher. I am honored to serve there. 


One of my greatest achievements is having had the privilege of leading my two wonderful children to Christ.


Leading kids to Christ has been a driving force in my life. I want to live out my calling and be a positive influence on children and continue to introduce them to their Lord and Savior. 


I have for the past 17 years been involved in Children’s Ministry as a volunteer or Children’s Pastor.  My goal also is to help families lead their children to Christ and learn to be disciples of Jesus. 


I am looking forward to my new role as Worship Pastor in the Kids Pointe Sunday School. 

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