Stephen Parker

Technical Director

Stephen moved from North Carolina in early 2016, where he previously served as Audio Engineer and Lighting Director at an influential church called C3 Church in the Association of Related Churches (ARC) network. At that church, he went to school for ministry at C3 College, learning church leadership and pursuing his passions in the Audio, Video and Lighting ministries, refining those skills to use and lead people to Jesus from behind the scenes. Before he began at C3 Church, he spent two years at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary studying the bible and humanities as it relates to the history of the Christian faith. He graduated with an Associates degree in Biblical Studies and a Bachelors degree in Theology from C3 College. He also led the youth production team for the student ministry and spent several years discipling high school guys to live a life to serve God and follow Jesus.


He followed God’s leading from his previous position to join the staff of The Pointe Church as Technical Director. He oversees the Set Design, Lighting, Audio, Stage Crew, and Media team volunteers and loves to connect with people and teach people how to lead the church through his ministry. Although mixing audio is his biggest passion, he seeks to bring professional level quality to the church in the Technical Arts ministries so that people can see and hear the gospel of Jesus and grow closer to God in an excellent environment. He is young in ministry and full of passion and has dreams of starting a family and raising kids to follow Christ and continue with his heart for ministry.


Stephen will be soon overseeing the launch of the broadcasting ministry here at The Pointe, allowing the church to stream the services online so that we can move forwards with the vision that Ray Harris has for reaching a million people to find and follow Jesus.



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