Todd Mullins

Inner City Ministry Director

Todd Mullins says the greatest achievement in his life is raising his son, Kodi, a son who prayed for his father to want to attend church. Because of Kodi’s faith, Todd says Kodi is the person who’s had the greatest influence on his life. Todd and his wife, Hayley, have been Pointe Church attenders since day one.


Todd loves spending time with his family and two Welsh Corgies, named Splinter and Sadie. If Todd were to describe himself, he would use words like witty, funny, happy, social, outgoing and athletic.


He believes his talents lie in two areas: making people laugh and coaching athletes. The dumbest thing Todd ever did was to fall out of a tree from about 30 feet high.


He says people would be surprised to know that he loves to cook, and enjoys both birds and flowers, especially gaillardia. Todd's coffee drink of choice is an iced mocha and his favorite snack food is chocolate covered raisins.

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