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About Us

Our Beliefs



We believe ...

• In one eternal God who exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

• God is holy and is the Creator and Sustainer of all things.


We believe ...

• That Jesus is fully God and entered human form by the conception of the Holy Spirit and miraculously born of the virgin Mary.

• Jesus lived a sinless life, died for ours sins, rose again, and sits now at the right hand of God as our advocate.

• That Jesus will personally return and that his return is not far off.

Holy Spirit

We believe ...

That the Holy Spirit is God. We believe the Holy Spirit was sent by the Father in Jesus’ name to teach and remind us of Christ’s words and to convict us of sin.

• The Holy Spirit brings about the new birth and at the point of salvation, comes to live inside the believer and seals our salvation permanently.

• The Holy Spirit provides the power to overcome temptation, defeat sin, and produce righteousness in the believer's life.

• The Holy Spirit also provides unique gifts for each believer to use to help the church fulfill its mission and purpose.


We believe ...

• That the Bible is God’s inspired Word and that it is inerrant in its original manuscripts.

• God has preserved His Word and that the Bible is the sole authority for our faith and life.


We believe ...

That salvation is by grace through faith in Christ. Jesus death on the cross is the only payment for our sins that God will accept.

• That all people who believe in Christ are justified by Christ’s blood and enter into a personal relationship with God without the need of any other mediator.

• That God adopts into His Family all those who repent of their sin and accept by faith the Lord Jesus.


We believe ...

• That the church’s primary purpose is to glorify Christ.

• The church is made up of all who believe in the Lord Jesus.

• That Scripture commands believers to gather in community to devote themselves to worship, fellowship, ministry, outreach, prayer, the teaching of His Word, and to observe the ordinances of baptism and communion.

• That God has gifted each member of the church to fulfill the purposes of the church.

• That every local church is free to govern its own affairs.

• That each church should provide a biblical leadership structure that will provide direction to the church as it fulfills its purpose as well as accountability, discipline, preservation of unity, and care for the body.


We believe ...

• That all people are created in the image of God.

• That because of Adam’s sin, all people are sinful by nature and choice. We believe people, unless they have experienced forgiveness in Christ, are lost and alienated from God.


We believe ...

• In the resurrection of the body and that believers will enjoy eternal life.

• Those who do not trust in Christ will consciously endure eternal punishment.

Our Values

The Pointe Church Values


Want to do life without pretension? Without masks? With authenticity and purpose? We do. We're a church of warmth and acceptance. You can be yourself here. No worries about what to wear. Want to come casual? You'll find that many others do too.

We're real when it comes to everyday living too. You don't have to put on a happy face to come to The Pointe. Here, you’ll discover a sanctuary for your soul.

You'll find that our focus is real too. Our worship reflects our genuineness. We are real people who want the focus of our worship to be Jesus Christ.


Looking for spiritual depth? Feeling like you're doing life on a hamster wheel? Wondering what the next step of life is? We're a church that deals with today's issues. We're practical without being simplistic. We know that the answers to life's questions aren't quick fixes. Life is messy, it's complex. We find it reassuring that the guide to life, The Bible, is a collection of real life stories that have amazing application to our lives today.

We teach with relevance too. We're visually engaging. We use large scale props, movie clips, and tons of creativity to make the ancient truths of Scripture come alive in a way that you'll both understand and remember.

We're relevant to our community too. We're a church that looks for the needs in our community and loves to meet them.


You’ll find a deep sense of warmth among our crowd. People care here. We're friends and family. Our ability to love people comes from our founder, Jesus Christ. Our relationship to God is not directed by a set of prescribed rituals and traditions. We are relational not institutional. We're people who are growing in a friendship with the Creator of the Universe. And because of our growing love for Christ, we find ourselves loving those around us – just like He did.


We value interdependence in all aspects of our church life. We connect with other churches to meet needs in our world and local neighborhoods. We embrace accountability. We enjoy learning from each other.

Even more important that our reliance on each other, we value a daily reliance on the Holy Spirit to guide, direct, correct and remind us. We value prayer. We share our needs, hurts, worries, and wants with the Lord. We believe that cooperating with the Holy Spirit's direction in our lives is the absolute best way to find fulfillment and purpose in life.


We play it safe in our children's ministry...but that's about the only place. We're natural risk takers. We're doing all we can to reach our world for Christ. Our church was birthed in the midst of huge steps of faith, major sacrifices, and bold risk-taking.


Spiritually healthy people reproduce other spiritually healthy people. The Bible calls the process of reproducing spiritually healthy people: discipleship. And we love helping people grow through one-on-one discipleship.

Healthy churches are not made up of an audience watching a few stars perform. Healthy churches encourage, enable, and embolden each other to take places of service and ministry within them and in their community. We're a healthy church and we enjoy helping each other find their niche in ministry.

Besides reproducing individually, we also are focused on birthing and helping new churches. Our mission of planting churches demands that we develop spiritual leaders so that we fulfill Jesus command to reach our world.


It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, we love and value people regardless of their "baggage" or life mishaps. Jesus did. We know that every person needs redemption from something so we avoid judging people based on what God redeems them from.

We also value redeeming our culture. The Pointe Church started in a movie theatre – not a typical place for a church to meet – but it was a redemptive act to worship Christ in a place where Christ is often absent. We use video and movie clips, songs and scenes from plays to communicate God's Word – redeeming the culture as well as those who live in it.

Our Story


In November of 2004, lead pastor Ray Harris sensed God calling him to start a church in Fort Wayne. And, as God called Ray, he began calling other leaders – from California to Virginia and right here in Fort Wayne – all with a common purpose and goal — to start a church that would help people find and follow Jesus.

Our Team

Lead Pastor

Ray R. Harris

Ray moved to Indiana from Granite Bay, California. A veteran of 35 years of ministry, Ray has served as an executive pastor, teaching pastor, and pastor to students. In 2005, he founded The Pointe Church.

Ray and his wife, Lisa, have been married 26 years and have six sons. In the winter months, the Harris’ enjoy snowboarding in the “mountains of Michigan” — a sport Ray has enjoyed since the neon-colored turtleneck sweater days of the 1980’s. Ray also enjoys fantasy football, real life racquetball as well as volleyball (although reportedly, not at the same time). “Lately, my teenagers have been schooling me in basketball in our driveway.”

A gifted communicator, Bible teacher, and leader, Ray enjoys helping people see how the ancient truths of the Scriptures relate to our everyday lives.
Associate Pastor

Josh Anders

"I’m from everywhere man, I’m from everywhere"…. well it feels like it. I was born in Asheville, NC and went to College at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.

After studying Music and Biblical Studies I followed my calling into music and began touring the country and world with a couple of different bands leading worship and sharing vision for the ministries I was traveling with. I became the road director for those teams and started to understand that God wanted to use me in leadership long term. Several years later I moved to East Tennessee where I served by vocationally on staff as a worship pastor and then transitioned into a full time. After 4 years God called myself, my wife, Deanna, and our girls, Breanna, Brandi, and Lily to The Pointe! In 2015 we added a boy, Caleb, to our family.

My heart is for helping people grow in their understanding of worship and to use the gifts God has given them in serving others and Him. Aside from pastoring our Creative Arts Team, I also am on the lead team for an international worship leadership training organization called Next Level Worship and a part of a group of worship leaders in our city with a vision in our hearts for a Fort Wayne Worship Initiative.

Life is not as good without Batman….. so yea. Anything Batman is my jam.
Executive Director

Amy Spencer

I am originally from Lookout Mountain, Georgia. I grew up attending a K-12 school called Chattanooga Christian School. My 3 sisters and I were raised learning about the love of God by our amazing parents. I graduated from Taylor University in Fort Wayne, IN with a Bachelors in Counseling. I then attended Argosy University in Tampa, FL to gain my Masters in Educational Leadership. From the early age of 13 I have volunteered in the nursery of the churches I attended. I accepted Christ as my Savior at a very young age, but really began pouring into the relationship when I was a sophomore in high school. It is my heart’s desire to glorify and enjoy God in all that I do.

My husband Brett and I met in July 2013 at a young adults small group and it was love at first sight! We married a year later in July 2014. December 2015 we welcomed our beautiful daughter Aurora into the world. Brett’s and my desire is to raise our daughter in a community of believers, and we are excited to now be apart of The Pointe Church so that we can fellowship with other families and believers on a daily basis. I am excited to be the new Children’s Director and am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to pour into each and every child that sets foot into Kids Pointe.
GrowGroups Director

Deanna Anders

Student Ministry Director

Josh Bleke

My name is Josh Bleke. I was born and raised here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have been with my wife for 20 years, since high school, and we have been married for 14 years. We have 2 beautiful daughters... Layla, almost 16, and Mya is 11. I enjoy being an outdoorsman, hunting, fishing, hiking, riding my motorcycle, playing and singing music (especially on our worship team!), and most importantly being a father, husband, and Soldier of God!

My road to faith was a long one to say the least. Various circumstances when I was a child led me to take a long step down the wrong path, and stay there for a while. I was very lost for a long time. I found music at a young age though, and with it and the help of some very important people in my life, I was able to stay just this side of the deep end. I found my faith again at 17, and finally stepped all the way off of the path I mentioned before and began to take faith and the change I desired seriously when my oldest daughter was born a couple of years later. Since then my fire for faith has grown into a 5 alarm blaze!

From there God has completely transformed my life, my families lives, and has brought me to a place in life I never thought I would deserve!!!! I have been blessed to be a part of this church since 2012, graduated in 2015 with a B.S. In Christian Ministry, and now I am in a position to have an impact on our young people! I have a special place in my heart for young people, and my own childhood experience has provided a unique ability to understand them and guide them, helping our young people find and follow Jesus! I am blessed to have the chance to pour the love of Jesus into our young people and serve His kingdom in whatever place He needs me!
Missions Director

Caleb Kimmel

Caleb Kimmel is a Fort Wayne native and has been actively involved in outreach as the CEO/Founder of the World Baseball Academy - a non-profit organization focused on developing young leaders through baseball. For his entire career, Caleb’s utilized his resources within the game of baseball to reach youth on a local, national, and international level.

Caleb and his wife, Kristen, have three children: Isaac, Eli, & Ava.

Caleb and Kristen love spending time with their kids, participating on missions trips, and developing leadership skills in the life of others. They also enjoy trips to the lake, movies and international travel.

Caleb’s passion is to develop our next generation of leaders who have a heart for God and serving others.
Pastoral Care

Rick Canter

Rick has served in ministry since 1990. He has been involved in multiple church plants, including being a member of the original staff at The Pointe. He also has led the Small Group Ministry at several different local churches.

Rick grew up in a very small town in Southeast Kentucky. His wife Jean is a city girl, growing up in Pittsburg, PA. They have been married since 1981, have two boys, Paul and Glen and two great daughters in law, Jenny and Shannon. They are also blessed with five awesome grandkids: Mikaela, Corbin, Sarah, Rachel, and Luke.

Rick and Jean are very committed to helping people discover their next step of spiritual growth and encouraging them to take it. They love people and enjoy investing themselves in their lives. For the past 3 years, Rick and Jean have been leading the SHAPE group to help people discover how God has wired them for ministry.

Rick is an avid baseball fan and loves to watch games on TV and attend as many Tincaps’ games as possible with his grandkids. He and Jean love to travel and visit unique places (and unique restaurants).
Inner City Ministry Director

Todd Mullins

Todd Mullins says the greatest achievement in his life is raising his son, Kodi, a son who prayed for his father to want to attend church. Because of Kodi’s faith, Todd says Kodi is the person who’s had the greatest influence on his life. Todd and his wife, Hayley, have been Pointe Church attenders since day one.

Todd loves spending time with his family and two Welsh Corgies, named Splinter and Sadie. If Todd were to describe himself, he would use words like witty, funny, happy, social, outgoing and athletic.

He believes his talents lie in two areas: making people laugh and coaching athletes. The dumbest thing Todd ever did was to fall out of a tree from about 30 feet high.

He says people would be surprised to know that he loves to cook, and enjoys both birds and flowers, especially gaillardia. Todd’s coffee drink of choice is an iced mocha and his favorite snack food is chocolate covered raisins.
Director of Music & Production

Jon McCord

Jon has been involved in ministry work since age 12 (started in tech ministry). He has been serving at The Pointe since March of 2017. Before that, he served as a worship pastor, volunteer musician and leader of tech ministries in Indiana, Virginia, Florida and Maryland. Before moving into vocational ministry in 2008, he taught instrumental music in Florida and Maryland. And, yes, he has to know how to play all the instruments (functionally)…and enjoys expanding his musical talents while serving at The Pointe.

Jon calls Baltimore “home” and will always be an “east coaster” at heart. He is a die hard Baltimore Ravens and Orioles fan. He enjoys all things sports and loves to chase little white balls on freshly cut grass when the weather is warm. After high school Jon attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA and in May of 2000 received his Bachelor of Music in preparation for his teaching career. After surrendering to full time ministry he enrolled in Liberty Theological Seminary and in May of 2012 received his Master of Divinity in Worship Studies.

However, those degrees are not the greatest thing he took away from Lynchburg, VA. He met his wife Rebekah while at Liberty, and they have now been married for 17 years. They have 2 children, Natalie, 10 and Aubrey, 6.

Jon’s heart is to help people find and follow Jesus, and in that, help them to become worshippers that God seeks after (John 4:23). He prays that those in all facets of their walk with Christ will learn to view their entire lives as an act of worship to God (Romans 12:1-2).

Kathy Carpenter

Kathy is a lifetime Fort Wayne’r. With a German mom and a Kentucky dad, Kathy proudly calls herself a German Hillbilly.

With a wide array of family, friends, and adorable cats (CJ and Opie), Kathy is always surrounded by love. (Her beautiful tiger cat JR is in heaven chasing squirrels.)

At one time she thought she had enough family and friends but since starting at the Pointe her family has grown and grown as she now has many members of the church that she not only considers friends but family as well.

Kathy says her three favorite TV shows are weird ( Matlock , Monk and Reba).

We agree. Definitely weird.

Her favorite singer is "Andy Griffith" read that correctly "Andy Griffith"

Kathy came to faith in Christ at The Pointe and is the person to know if you need things done.
Executive Assistant

Aaron Cantrell

Aaron began ministry in 1997, serving in the areas of church administration, adult education, small group ministry, and preaching. Aaron’s family’s passion is discipleship and mission to the local community, especially in the area of ministry to people with special needs, their families and support staff.

Aaron and his wife, Michelle, were both born and raised in Northern Western Michigan and have been married since June 1993. They have 2 sons, Drake and Aiden. Drake was born in Lansing, Michigan during Aaron’s time at Great Lakes Christian College. Aiden was born in Peoria, Illinois, during Aaron’s time at Lincoln Christian Seminary.

Their family has many interests including Star Trek and Star Wars (favorite characters Spock and Data), Marvel superheroes (favorite characters Captain America, Doctor Strange and all on Guardians of the Galaxy), and rock music (favorite bands Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Michael Angelo Batio, Alice in Chains and Iron Maiden).

Aaron’s Life Message is “God can reveal your unique identity and reorient your life for a great kingdom adventure.” The story of how that message came about is too long for this bio. You’ll have to ask him about it.
Campus Manager

Van Slucher

I can’t tell you the date and time that I was saved, only that God is faithful and his promises are true. My wife Linda and I started attending The Pointe Church, during the Rave Theatre days. That is when God, started becoming so real to me. It was perfect timing because some life changing events were coming my way. My retirement from Parkview and a major illness were looking me in the eyes but God was with me every step.

Now I am blessed to be able to give back to God. The campus manager position can be very challenging keeping up with the day to day activities, I have my hands full. I received my clinical laboratory technologist degree from Gradwhol College in St. Louis in 1965.

Linda and I have been married 16 years and have a blended family of 5 grown children and 12 grandchildren we affectionately call our "dirty dozen".

Give me a call if you would like to serve God. He really is the best boss you could ever work for!
Therapist, LMFTA


From a young age, Miranda’s parents taught her and her siblings God’s love and the importance of following God’s plan. As a part of a military family, Miranda lived in and grew up in various parts of the United States. Her family settled in Fort Wayne, Indiana where she met her husband. Her and her husband enjoy spending time with family and sharing life together. Miranda also enjoys board games, especially Monopoly, and reading.
Miranda is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFTA). She earned her Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University. She has provided individual and relational therapy in community mental health and the school system for children, teens and adults of various demographics and backgrounds.
As an individual and family therapist, Miranda works with clients on concerns relating to depression, anxiety, interpersonal conflict, grief and loss, child and adolescent behavioral and emotional concerns, lifecycle transitions and stress, trauma and abuse, self-esteem, and family and relationship concerns. She is passionate about pouring God’s love into the lives of others by working to support and understand them.

Devyn Smallwood

I am a Goshen, IN native and moved to Fort Wayne for college. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Imaging with a concentration of Computed Tomography and a Spanish minor at Indiana University Fort Wayne. I have hopes of working in a children’s hospital in the imaging department.

I accepted Christ at a young age and I strongly desire children to learn about Jesus and learn to love Him.

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