Meet our Staff

Aaron Cantrell

Executive Assistant

Aaron began ministry in 1997, serving in the areas of church administration, adult education, small group ministry, and preaching. Aaron’s family’s passion is discipleship and mission to the local community. His family started a coffee roasting business about 3 years ago.

Aaron and his wife, Michelle, were both born and raised in Northern Western Michigan and have been married since June 1993. They have 2 sons, Drake and Aiden. Drake was born in Lansing, Michigan during Aaron’s time at Great Lakes Christian College. Aiden was born in Peoria, Illinois, during Aaron’s time at Lincoln Christian Seminary.

Their family has many interests including coffee, physics, Star Trek and Star Wars (favorite characters Spock and Data), Marvel superheroes (favorite characters Captain America, Doctor Strange and all on Guardians of the Galaxy), and rock music (favorite bands Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Megadeth, Alice in Chains and Iron Maiden).

Aaron’s Life Message is “God can reveal your unique identity and reorient your life for a great kingdom adventure.” The story of how that message came about is too long for this bio. You’ll have to ask him about it.