Meet our Staff

Deanna Anders

GrowGroup Director

I was born in Sarasota, Florida and raise in Knoxville Tennessee. I was adopted before I was born and was raised as an only child.

My family didn’t attend church growing up… Easter was about the Easter Bunny, and Christmas was all about Santa. Through high school, I had some friends that planted seeds of faith in my life through inviting me to church. Those seeds took root, and at 18 I began my relationship with Jesus. I had such a young faith for many years, until 2009 when my journey met up with a small group led by my Worship Pastor. The Lord used his ministry and that small group to increase my faith, my love for scripture, and to help me live into my gifts.

Fast forward to today, I am passionate about helping others find their ‘village’. I know the importance of having a ‘tribe’, and how vital it is to growing in a deeper relationship with Jesus.

I have a lively life with 4 kiddos, and lovely husband and a cute Dog. I love emojis, pajamas, bon fires, all brownies, cupcakes, and cheap jellybeans… I’m a simple gal that can go from gym shoes, to rain boots, to heels in two seconds flat. I prefer warm sunny days, but I don’t complain about the rain as long as I can stay home under a blanket. When you see me, be sure to say hello - I love meeting new people!