Meet our Staff

Susan Callaway

Connections Director

"I'm out of control!"  I will always remember a particular writing assignment about the call of God on my life in seminary.  I began, "I am an out-of-control disciple for Jesus Christ!"  It's always been that way.  I can't do anything on my own!  No matter what I try to do, I've learned I need to be out of control, get out of the way so He can have His way in me.  God's way is always the best way!

God took me on many adventures when I was in obedience mode to Him.  I loved being His person as a public school teacher.  Years later, God led me to leave teaching for being a full-time ministry executive for an international denomination as Director of Youth and Family Ministries.  In this role God used me to train and mentor college students as I took them to mission fields such as Haiti, Brazil, Moldova, and other places in the US and around the world for thirteen years.

Later, with my husband, full time pastor, we formed Finding Focus Ministries to help churches renew and recharge their efforts to help people follow Jesus.   We spent four months in teaching in Santa Cruz, Bolivia which was another God-led adventure!  God is amazing!

While thinking of retiring, God allowed me to go back to teaching by giving me the opportunity to teach at risk kids science, technology, engineering and math at STARBASE, a Department of Defense, project that brought STEM to over 2000 5th graders each year on the National Air Guard Base here in Fort Wayne.  Just when you think you're finished, God steps in with another adventure!

We came to The Pointe about 5 years ago seeking friendship with those who truly believed that Jesus was real, relevant, and relatable in daily living, that He was the One and Only who saves our souls.  We were not disappointed!  Randy and I knew on that first attended Sunday morning that we were sent there by God as two out-of-control disciples in need of encouragement and nourishment with other believers.

God has always led me to ministry that was challenging and overwhelming so I would always be dependent on Him.  He wins, every time!  This out-of-control believer's passion is to lead others to seek their own adventures in loving, growing and serving God, too!