Our Values



Want to do life without pretension? With authenticity and purpose? We do. We're a church of warmth and acceptance. You can be yourself here. No worries about what to wear. Want to come casual? You'll find that many others do too.

We're real when it comes to everyday living too. You don't have to put on a happy face to come to The Pointe. Here, you’ll discover a sanctuary for your soul.

You'll find that our focus is real too. Our worship reflects our genuineness. We are real people who want the focus of our worship to be Jesus Christ.


Looking for spiritual depth? Feeling like you're doing life on a hamster wheel? Wondering what the next step of life is? We're a church that deals with today's issues. We're practical without being simplistic. We know that the answers to life's questions aren't quick fixes. Life is messy, it's complex. We find it reassuring that the guide to life, The Bible, is a collection of real-life stories that have amazing application to our lives today.
We teach with relevance too. We're visually engaging. We use large scale props, movie clips, and tons of creativity to make the ancient truths of Scripture come alive in a way that you'll both understand and remember.
We're relevant to our community too. We're a church that looks for the needs in our community and loves to meet them. 


You’ll find a deep sense of warmth among our crowd. People care here. We're friends and family. Our ability to love people comes from our founder, Jesus Christ. Our relationship to God is not directed by a set of prescribed rituals and traditions. We are relational not institutional. We're people who are growing in a friendship with the Creator of the Universe. And because of our growing love for Christ, we find ourselves loving those around us – just like He did.



We value interdependence in all aspects of our church life. We connect with other churches to meet needs in our world and local neighborhoods. We embrace accountability. We enjoy learning from each other. 
Even more important that our reliance on each other, we value a daily reliance on the Holy Spirit to guide, direct, correct and remind us. We value prayer. We share our needs, hurts, worries, and wants with the Lord. We believe that cooperating with the Holy Spirit's direction in our lives is the absolute best way to find fulfillment and purpose in life.


We play it safe in our children's ministry...but that's about the only place. We're natural risk takers. We're doing all we can to reach our world for Christ. Our church was birthed in the midst of huge steps of faith, major sacrifices, and bold risk-taking. 


Spiritually healthy people reproduce other spiritually healthy people. The Bible calls the process of reproducing spiritually healthy people: discipleship. And we love helping people grow through one-on-one discipleship.
Healthy churches are not made up of an audience watching a few stars perform. Healthy churches encourage, enable, and embolden each other to take pieces of service and ministry within them and in their community. We're a healthy church and we enjoy helping each other find their niche in ministry.
Besides reproducing individually, we also love helping new churches launch and thrive. 



It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, we love and value people regardless of their "baggage" or life mishaps.  Jesus did. We know that every person needs redemption from something so we avoid judging people based on what God redeems them from.
We also value redeeming our culture.  The Pointe Church started in a movie theatre – not a typical place for a church to meet – but it was a redemptive act to worship Christ in a place where Christ is often absent. We use video and movie clips, songs and scenes from plays to communicate God's Word – redeeming the culture as well as those who live in it.

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